Dear Professional Colleagues,

It is indeed a great honor for me to be elected as Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Singapore Chapter. I convey my sincere thanks to chapter managing Committee and the members for giving me this opportunity and grateful to all my illustrious Predecessors for bringing Chapter to the stage where it is today. As I have embarked in my role as new chairmen of ICAI Singapore chapter, I feel excited about value we can create for members by providing them platform for professional and social networking in Singapore. We are exploring opportunities to collaborate with various professional institutions in Singapore to provide wider networking opportunities for our members. In the era of digital connectivity, we are missing the human social connection. Our networking is an attempt to bring such connection together and reinforce the bonding.

Recently Chapter ran the survey to comprehend members perspective about the chapter and get ideas on initiatives chapter can run to augment membership and amplify engagement with members, the response to the survey was overwhelming and we will be incorporating feedback from the survey in chapter activities to achieve the preferred outcome for our members. The Managing Committee is determined and strive to increase the membership of Chapter by bringing more members of ICAI India in Singapore to build strong community of Chartered accountants in Singapore.

Singapore Chapter has a very active WhatsApp and LinkedIn group which provides platform to members for sharing professional updates related to Accounting, Jobs opportunities, Taxation and social matters in the region and Chapter really encourage members to leverage them.

ICAI Singapore chapter has the capability to touch newer zeniths and achieve newer milestones. Your opinion and cooperation have always been crucial for the affairs of ICAI Singapore chapter and I look forward to your continuous support to the Chapter.

Rajeev Gupta
Chairman ,ICAI Singapore chapter